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Mortgage Choice Hits a New Post-Pandemic High

The number of mortgage products available on the UK market has reached a new post-pandemic high, according to the latest data published by Twenty7Tec more than 800 new mortgage products were introduced in June alone. This represents a 6.6% growth on the month prior, bringing the total number of mortgage […]

Stamp Duty Savers May Have Actually Lost Out, Experts Claim

The stamp duty holiday in England and Northern Ireland was introduced to motivate movers and first-time buyers to take action, in order to stimulate the stagnant housing market. Many thousands took full advantage of the offer, making savings of up to £15,000 on typical stamp duty liability. Property experts are […]

June Property Price Growth Escalates to a Sixteen Year High

June saw the highest annual property price growth since February 2007, with an incredible 10.7% rise in house prices. Take away the London growth rate figures and that figure raises even higher to a huge 13.9% The East of England and the North West have seen a dip in growth […]

How Advisers Can Better Support Clients in a Turbulent Economic Climate

The financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to be felt by the people of the UK for some time. Job security has got steadily worse, investment performance has been turbulent, and savings rates have been slashed. Consequently, it is of little surprise that more people are turning to […]

Importance of Good Advice at an All-Time High, Says Fleet Mortgages CCO

Late last week, Brightstar Group’s Specialist Lend Virtual Expo and a side panel of specialist finance brokers got together to discuss the current lending landscape. The annual event is held to enable brokers to share and access the insights needed to provide better service to their customers. The day-long event […]

Stamp Duty Savings Wiped Out by Skyrocketing Property Prices

The UK government’s temporary stamp duty holiday was supposed to boost buyer interest and motivate more first-time buyers to get on the property ladder.  With potential savings of up to £15,000 available for those who took advantage of the scheme during its run. New figures from MIAC Property Analytics suggest […]

Online Rental Scams on the up as Virtual Viewings become the Norm

Scammers advertising other people’s homes for rent online are subsequently cheating victims out of fraudulent deposits and rental fees; this is the warning of numerous estate agents in the UK who have noticed a surge in the number of fraudulent listings appearing online. The scam is being fuelled by the […]

Dreams of Home Ownership Fading Fast for Younger Generations

The plight of young people with fading dreams of one day owning their own properties was recently laid bare in a BBC expose; the average UK property price has once again reached a new all-time high and an entire generation is waking up to the fact that home ownership may […]

How to Get a Good Deal on a Self-Employed Mortgage

Self-employed people are statistically more likely to be declined for a mortgage than the traditionally employed. The vast majority of major banks and lenders impose additional restrictions on the self-employed that do not apply to those in conventional employment. This does not mean it is impossible to qualify for a […]

Are Lenders Unfairly Discriminating Against 5% Deposit Mortgage Applicants?

The return of the 95% LTV mortgage to the UK High Street came as welcome news for many thousands of first-time buyers. Ever since the financial crash almost 15 years ago, lenders have placed greater scrutiny than ever before on those they do business with. Where an applicant is not […]

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