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Bank Statements Not Mandatory for Some Mortgage Lenders

One of the most important forms of financial evidence required for a mortgage application has been the bank statement; as part of the application process it has been a standard requirement to provide at least three months’ worth of bank statements for the lender to scrutinise. Bank statements are inspected […]

Mortgage Processing Times Pushed to 16 weeks by Heavy Demand

As demand for desirable properties continues to outstrip supply in all regions of the UK, mortgage processing times have been increasing for several months. According to the latest figures from Propertymark, a leading UK estate agency body the average property transaction completion times has now reached between 13 and 16 […]

UK Adults Not Planning Ahead For Future Care Costs

A growing proportion of UK pensioners may have no choice but to resort to their state pension income to cover the costs of their essential care. Fears are growing of a “concerning number” of over-60s who are looking into the idea of using their state pension to pay for their […]

Which Are the Best Places in the UK for Property Investments?

Even today, with demand for desirable properties at an all-time high, there is no such thing as a safe haven for landlords. Nevertheless, research conducted by Aviva suggests that as much as 10% of the adult population in the UK could be planning an investment property purchase over the next […]

Responsibility for Reaching Net-Zero Targets Falls with the Private Sector

A report published by the Climate Change Committee in June set out a series of urgent climate change risks while outlining opportunities for their mitigation.  The report concluded that policy initiatives currently in place will achieve no more than 20% of required reductions in emissions by 2050. Consequently, there are […]

UK Property Finance Completes £2.25m Bridging Loan

A client approached UK Property Finance seeking a bridging loan of £2.25 million, to cover the purchase cost of investment properties, carry out refurbishments and later sell on the developed properties for a profit. The client wanted to take funds out of his unencumbered buy to let London property, although […]

Wayhome Launches New 5% Deposit Partial Home Ownership Scheme

First-time buyers looking to get on to the property ladder without a conventional mortgage now have the option of an innovative new scheme from Wayhome.  Albeit, with a significant stamp duty catch and major restrictions on subsequent home improvements. The new scheme will enable first-time buyers to purchase a property […]

Is it Possible to Cover Your University Costs as a Landlord?

It may appear a bizarre concept on the surface but student BTL mortgages do in exist, the idea being that with a ‘student mortgage’ you purchase a property with no down payment and earn money by renting it out to your friends. Only because it is technically possible does not […]

Stamp Duty Changes Result in Major Decline in Mortgage Approvals

The partial withdrawal of the stamp duty holiday did little to quell the appetites of those still looking to make the best of the remaining incentive; for those who act fast, there is still the opportunity to make considerable savings by sidestepping stamp duty liability on property purchases that fall […]

Mortgage Applications Still High Despite Stamp Duty Holiday Expiry

From the moment the temporary stamp duty holiday was announced everyone expected a major post-holiday slowdown, it seemed inevitable that the moment an incentive was withdrawn, mortgage application volumes would take a nosedive. What happened was nothing of the sort; according to the latest figures published by Money Supermarket, mortgage […]

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