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How Much Does Development Finance Cost?

Development finance is a specialist funding solution for experienced builders and developers. The funds are issued by lenders for the exclusive purpose of developing or refurbishing residential, commercial and mixed-use properties. Development finance differs from other types of commercial finance in that it is typically released in stages as the […]

Almost 74,000 Londoners Bought Homes Outside the Capital in 2020

City workers’ mass exodus from the UK’s biggest town and cities in search of space and tranquility continues, new data from Hamptons International Lettings suggests. Throughout the course of 2020, it is estimated that Londoners seeking sanctuary from city life purchased almost 74,000 homes outside the capital. Outmigration from densely […]

Lockdown Restrictions Fail to Hamper Housing Market Activity in the UK

Most of the United Kingdom is once again in some form of lockdown. Nevertheless, there is something distinctly different about lockdown 2, particularly when viewed from a financial perspective. Lending and borrowing remains a challenging subject for providers and customers alike, though not nearly on the same level as when […]

Reports of Scams Rise as Stamp Duty Holiday Deadline Looms

A leading independent financial advice watchdog in the United Kingdom has issued a warning to prospective home buyers, regarding widespread reports of scams in the run-up to the conclusion of the temporary stamp duty holiday. Motivated by significant potential savings and driven by what is becoming a race against time, […]

Three Property Market Trends to Expect in 2021

Attempting to accurately project trends and shifts in the UK property market for the year ahead is never easy. Compounded with the chaos 2020 brought to buyers, sellers, investors, and developers across the country, it is difficult to voice any outright assurances for the year ahead. Recent activity over the […]

Controversial Computerised Housing Allocation System Revisited and Adjusted

Government ministers have confirmed that a controversial computerised system used to determine where new housing should be built in England has been adjusted, following a furious backlash from a group of MPs. The revision of the computer-based formula will ensure greater emphasis is placed on the urban areas and cities […]

Predictions Point to a Prosperous Year Ahead for BTL Landlords

COVID-19 and the first national lockdown plunged the entire UK property market into a state of unprecedented chaos. For the most part, the sector was shut down in its entirety, rendering it impossible for most property sales and purchase transactions to go ahead. Buy-to-let landlords were also hit hard, who […]

Furloughed Workers Increasingly Seeking Broker Support for Mortgage Applications

New research suggests that residential mortgage brokers are conducting more searches on behalf of furloughed workers than at any time since the height of the initial UK lockdown. According to a report published this week by Knowledge Bank, the term ‘furloughed workers’ is once again within the top five searches […]

Equity Release Market Tipped for Major Growth in 2021

Independent brokers and financial advisers across the country are projecting a successful year ahead for the equity release market. With interest among customers having remained surprisingly high throughout 2020, even in the face of major economic uncertainty, three quarters of experts anticipate significant market growth over the next 12 months. […]

Bankruptcy Mortgages Explained

Contrary to popular belief, bankruptcy will not necessarily count you out of the running for a mortgage. A history of bankruptcy on your file can create additional challenges, but does not make qualifying for a mortgage impossible. It is simply a case of carefully considering the options, in order to […]

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