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UK House Prices Spike a Further 5% in September

Fears of an imminent halt to property price acceleration across the UK have been temporarily allayed, after one of the country’s biggest lenders once again reported strong monthly growth. According to the latest figures from Nationwide, average UK house prices for September saw an impressive 5% spike compared to the […]

The Big Question: Renovate or Relocate?

For some, lockdown provided the perfect opportunity to take stock of what matters and appreciate their homes in an entirely new way. For others, the whole situation made it abundantly clear that they simply were not happy with where they lived. COVID-19 has forced millions to revisit what we expect, […]

UK House Prices at Record High After Biggest Leap Since 2016

It is looking like good news for homeowners and anyone looking to sell a residential property in the near future. Once again, UK property prices have spiked above and beyond all expectations – August having brought about the biggest monthly boost since 2016. According to the latest figures released by […]

Nationwide Reports Highest Ever Average House Prices

In stark contrast to the steep declines brought about by the COVID-19 lockdown, house prices have once again skyrocketed to a new record high.  According to the latest figures from Nationwide, average house prices for August rose at their fastest monthly rate in more than 16 years. Despite having experienced […]

Home Sales Gain Momentum, Transaction Speeds up 33%

It was predicted at the height of the COVID-19 that when lockdown restrictions were eventually eased, a pent-up wave of demand would be unleashed on the UK housing market. Predictions that appeared to be accurate, as new research from Zoopla suggests the speed of property sales is currently 33% faster […]

Landlords Continue to Discriminate Against Benefit Claimants, Research Suggests

In a landmark hearing that took place earlier this year, a judge ruled for the first time that blanket bans on benefit claimants by private landlords were unlawful.  The “No DSS” clause has been a standard feature in countless rental contracts and tenancy agreements for decades, though was recently declared […]

Buy-to-Let Purchase Shows Signs of Recovery

After flatlining throughout much of the coronavirus crisis, the UK’s Buy to Let market is showing reassuring signs of a strong recovery. Property purchases and portfolio expansion plans put on hold during lockdown are now being unleashed on the sector, spurred in part by the current stamp duty holiday recently […]

Property Development Restriction Relaxations Draw a Mixed Response

Boris Johnson has confirmed details of an overhaul to planning permission requirements and restrictions, which will give housing developers and homeowners alike more direct control over their properties. Despite facing accusations of having unnecessarily delayed essential reforms until now, the Prime Minister firmly believes the new planning system will boost […]

Escape to the Country: City Dwellers Seek Sanctuary in Record Numbers

Slowly but surely, some semblance of normality is returning to the way we live our lives in England. Covid-19 hotspots in some regions continue to cause concern but lockdown restrictions are gradually being eased across the country as a whole. As predicted, pent-up demand among movers is now being released […]

Over 1 Million Brits Could Be Overpaying on Their Mortgages

Mortgage applicants naturally seek the best possible deals, which for most means choosing lenders that offer the best introductory rates. Unfortunately, research suggests that a surprising proportion of home buyers do not realise that when their initial deal comes to an end, the mortgage is automatically switched to a standard […]

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