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10 Options for Financing Your Development Project

Contrary to popular belief, the average developer doesn’t have an endless stockpile of cash just waiting to be put to use. Instead, the vast majority of property developers require financial assistance for the projects they undertake. So it’s good news that there are so many different options available to explore […]

10 Things To Do To Protect Yourself Against Fraud

Everybody thinks that fraud is the kind of thing that happens to other people, rather than themselves. That is, until it takes them well and truly by surprise. On the plus side, there’s plenty each and every one of us can do to significantly reduce the likelihood of being targeted […]

First-Time Buyers Are Flocking to Specialist Lenders

If there’s one thing to be said for major lenders right now, it’s that they aren’t making things easy for first-time buyers. Saving huge deposits and qualifying for a mortgage in the first place is becoming increasingly difficult, as banks and lenders continue to put the squeeze on first-time applicants. […]

Is the Buy-to-Let Bubble Finally Bursting?

Over the past year or so, the rate at which lenders are offering financial support to buy-to-let landlords has been slowing significantly. Which for the most part comes down to the fact that official UK legislation governing the buy-to-let mortgage sector has seen a near-endless array of reforms and adjustments. […]

The Lowest Fixed Rate Mortgage Deals Right Now

Once again, major lenders are dangling the proverbial ‘carrot’ in front of would-be buyers with a raft of enticing fixed rate mortgage deals. It’s getting increasingly tricky to qualify, but for those who do, there are some decent deals doing the rounds right now. Two-Year Fixed Rate – up to […]

Home Extension Finance: Explore Your Home’s Hidden Potential

For most homeowners, there’s really no easier or more affordable way of extending a property than with a professional loft conversion. Most homes have a potentially huge amount of space that could be put to much better use, without the need for major remodelling or extension works. That said, a […]

Wholesale Loans

The subject of wholesale loans is one of on-going debate, with various lenders having entirely opposite views on its overall value. Nevertheless, when wholesale lending is handled responsibly and proactively, it has the potential to offer a variety of unique benefits for both investors and lenders alike. It’s simply a […]

House Prices Falling – Good News or Bad?

Whatever looms on the economic horizon for the UK, it will inherently spell outright disaster for some and rich pickings for others. In various corners of Europe, political and economic unease is prompting the kinds of headlines that are making investors on a global basis more than a little nervous. […]

Banks Tighten Up On Credit Card Lending Restrictions

Any increase of activity In consumer spending can only be considered a positive thing in terms of getting the economy getting back on its feet. It stands to reason, that the more UK products and services the average British consumer decides to invest in, the better the economy will perform […]

For International Individual Commercial Investors, Britain Is Best

The picture from a British investor’s view right now might not be quite so rosy. Nevertheless, it seems as far as private property investors on a global basis are concerned, commercial real estate in the UK is as hot as it gets. More people than ever before are eying up […]

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