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Energy Efficient Homes: It’s Not Just Solar Panels and Loft Insulation

However energy-efficient you think you are, a recent story published in The Mail confirmed you’re probably anything but. For most of us, the homes we live in represent perhaps the biggest drains of all on our finite cash reserves. Not the case for Colin Usher and his wife, who pay […]

Trump’s America: Financial Failure or Flourishing?

President Donald Trump is no stranger to claiming credit for just about anything that pops into his head. Two examples of which being the strength of the stock market and the US economy in general – both of which are doing pretty well. As far as he’s concerned, the country’s […]

Development Finance vs Self-Build Mortgage

Major construction projects often call for equally major financial support.  Unless you’re already sitting on a stockpile of cash, you’ll need to enlist the help of a specialist lender. In which case, you’ll be looking at a choice between two viable yet very different funding solutions: Development finance or a […]

The Rise of Secured Loans

Britain’s secured borrowing market has seen significant and on-going growth for several consecutive years. Particularly in the more specialist sectors of the secured loans arena, application volumes are peaking and showing no signs of abating. But what exactly is fuelling this UK-wide secured loans increase? What’s behind the secured loans […]

Who Will Replace Mark Carney as Bank of England Boss?

There’s a pretty prominent position that’s about to open up with the UK government, calling for a fair amount of financial acumen and experience. The official recruitment process to find the next Governor of the Bank of England has begun, with Mark Carney set to stand down after six years […]

The Downfall of the Payday Lenders

At the risk of causing controversy, the downfall of Britain’s most prominent payday lenders didn’t come as the biggest of shocks. Considered by critics to be the highwaymen of the 21st century, payday lenders in general didn’t have the most polished of reputations to begin with. Nevertheless, it took the […]

How Are Estate Agents Fairing in the Brexit Limbo?

Britain’s Brexit blues show no signs of abating in the near future at least. In the meantime, businesses and entire industries across the UK are suffering. One example of which being the estate agency sector, which is in the midst of one of the most turbulent periods ever encountered. If […]

What Will Homes Look Like in The Future?

Flying cars, robot butlers, Star Trek style transportation systems – we’ve seen some pretty wacky projections for homes of the future over the years.  Realistically, the house of the future envisaged by the sci-fi fanatic was never going to happen during our lifetime. But this doesn’t mean the homes of […]

Should Tenants Who Pay Their Rent on Time Be Eligible for A Mortgage?

For millions of members of ‘generation rent’, getting on the property ladder is simply a pipedream. By the time they’ve paid their rent, organised their outgoings and put food on the table, there’s little left to play with. Even for those who manage to scrape together the bare-bones of a […]

Deposit and purchase capital raised for a renovation project at standard bridging rates

Buy to Let mortgage arranged within 6 months of property ownership Our client, a relatively inexperienced property investor was looking to quickly purchase what she deemed to be a new bargain investment property. To do this our client wanted to raise the maximum possible deposit using a recently purchased investment […]

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