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Mortgage Brokers Turn to Bridging Loans As A Quicker Route To Get Clients The Finance They Need

Business and domestic borrowers alike are increasingly turning to independent brokers to access the finances they need with speed and simplicity. In order to cater to this growing demand for dynamic financial products, brokers and financial advisers alike are showing growing preference to bridging lenders and comparable independent service providers. […]

First-Time Buyers Are Flocking to Specialist Lenders

If there’s one thing to be said for major lenders right now, it’s that they aren’t making things easy for first-time buyers. Saving huge deposits and qualifying for a mortgage in the first place is becoming increasingly difficult, as banks and lenders continue to put the squeeze on first-time applicants. […]

Is the Buy-to-Let Bubble Finally Bursting?

Over the past year or so, the rate at which lenders are offering financial support to buy-to-let landlords has been slowing significantly. Which for the most part comes down to the fact that official UK legislation governing the buy-to-let mortgage sector has seen a near-endless array of reforms and adjustments. […]

The Lowest Fixed Rate Mortgage Deals Right Now

Once again, major lenders are dangling the proverbial ‘carrot’ in front of would-be buyers with a raft of enticing fixed rate mortgage deals. It’s getting increasingly tricky to qualify, but for those who do, there are some decent deals doing the rounds right now. Two-Year Fixed Rate – up to […]

Commercial Property as a Buy To Let Investment

Owing to recent tax relief changes that came into effect in April this year, a growing  number of buy to let investors have found themselves turning their backs against domestic rental properties in favour of commercial investments as a more favourable opportunity. In addition to this, some buy-to-let experts are […]

Remortgaging versus Secured Borrowing

You may find it somewhat surprising to think that, when it comes to remortgaging, many borrowers remain completely unaware that another option exists.  Recently, a growing number of independent finance advisers have begun to advise their clients of a unique range of secured borrowing products which can sometimes be of […]

Leading Bridging Lender Warns UK Homeowners of Impending Mortgage Rate Hikes

UK Property Finance Shares Useful Insights for British Borrowers One of the UK’s most successful property finance brokers has recently advised potential home movers and those in the Buy-to-Let industry that the best time to apply for a long-term secured loan product is right now. The primary reason for this is […]

Buy-to-Let Landlords Feel the Squeeze as Lending Restrictions Tightened

It wasn’t long ago that it seemed as if an unprecedented spike in buy-to-let investment interest was here to stay. Investors at all levels were going crazy for the kinds of low-interest financial products never previously made available, spelling good times for property investors, bad times for first-time buyers on […]

Mortgage Rates Set to Rise After a Year of Record-Breaking Lows

To look at the picture over the past year or so, you’d be forgiven for thinking that rock-bottom mortgage rates were the new norm. Which indeed they were, with the vast majority of major lenders having slashed mortgage rates to all-time lows, resulting in a huge spike in borrowing accordingly. […]

Buy-to-let industry beating all predictions

A recent dataset published by HMRC has shown that April’s stamp duty rise has hardly had any effect at all in terms of deterring new and existing landlords from buying up properties. In fact, summer 2016 has been an extraordinarily busy time in the Buy-to-let sector with almost 25% of […]


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