UK House Prices Continue to Climb as Stamp Duty Deadline Looms

Since it was announced, the March 31 stamp duty holiday in England was predicted to result in a slow but steady decline in average property values.  Following an initial rush of interest, the number of prospective buyers looking to purchase homes prior to the deadline has gradually diminished over recent […]

Equity Release Holds Steady in 2020 despite Lockdown Complications

The economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis and three national lockdowns is likely to be felt for some time, however, research suggests that the UK’s equity release market coped surprisingly well throughout the turbulence of 2020. New data from one of the country’s leading equity release specialists – suggests that […]

Interest Only vs Repayment Mortgage: Which is Best?

The vast majority of homebuyers in the United Kingdom purchase properties using one of two primary mortgage types: Interest only mortgages Repayment mortgages Both options have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, but which of the two is more suitable for your preferences and your financial situation? Repayment Mortgages: An […]

UK House Prices Now 900% the Average Annual Salary

In what is likely to come as a blow for first-time buyers and a boom for existing homeowners, property prices in the UK are a full 5.4% up over the same period last year. This now puts the average market price for a home in the UK at a record […]

Thousands of Mortgage Prisoners Set to Benefit from Lending Policy Overhaul

After many years of excessively large monthly payments, thousands of ‘mortgage prisoners’ may finally be released from their restrictive and overpriced deals. In the wake of the financial crisis of 2008, up to 250,000 borrowers found themselves trapped in high-interest loans with no allowance for transferring to a more competitive […]

Women More Generous Than Men with Equity Release Capital, Data Suggests

There is an interesting disparity between the way in which male and female equity release customers choose to allocate their funds, upon releasing the equity tied up in their homes. That is according to new data released by HUB Financial Solutions, which suggests that single women who raise money through […]

Mortgage Lending Activity at a 13-Year High, Nationwide Reports

The UK housing market’s return to strength following the initial COVID-19 lockdown exceeded all analyst and economist expectations. That is according to the latest figures from Nationwide, which indicate that more than 100,000 mortgages were approved by lenders in November alone. This would make November the busiest month for mortgage […]

Predictions Point to a Prosperous Year Ahead for BTL Landlords

COVID-19 and the first national lockdown plunged the entire UK property market into a state of unprecedented chaos. For the most part, the sector was shut down in its entirety, rendering it impossible for most property sales and purchase transactions to go ahead. Buy-to-let landlords were also hit hard, who […]

Furloughed Workers Increasingly Seeking Broker Support for Mortgage Applications

New research suggests that residential mortgage brokers are conducting more searches on behalf of furloughed workers than at any time since the height of the initial UK lockdown. According to a report published this week by Knowledge Bank, the term ‘furloughed workers’ is once again within the top five searches […]

Equity Release Market Tipped for Major Growth in 2021

Independent brokers and financial advisers across the country are projecting a successful year ahead for the equity release market. With interest among customers having remained surprisingly high throughout 2020, even in the face of major economic uncertainty, three quarters of experts anticipate significant market growth over the next 12 months. […]

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