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  • An experienced developer
  • Looking to develop your first property
  • Buying at auction to refurbish and flip for a profit
  • Building a property portfolio
  • Part way through a development and in need of funds to complete
  • Converting an office block to residential under PDR
  • Developing student pods

Why use us?

  • We have the experience to see the deal through to drawdown
  • Dedicated Development team
  • 100% of build costs funded
  • Up to 75% of land purchase price and 100% with additional security
  • Funding from £50,000 with no upper limit
  • We are whole of market so can get the best deal for your development
  • No upfront application fee
  • Market leading rates

Whole Of Market Development Finance

Whether you have just been granted planning permission and you have been given the green light so that you can finally go ahead with a brand new building project, or you are a couple of months from the finishing line with an existing development, the chances are that you will typically need to raise additional funds at some point in order to get to the stage where everything is finally completed, with every last fixture and fitting in place.

Obtaining Property Development Finance

Regardless of where you are in the overall scheme of things, finding a suitable source of finance is one of the last things that you want to be worrying about as you will no doubt have enough on your plate with the day to day running of things, making sure everything is going according to plan and that everyone is pulling their weight whilst carrying out their delegated tasks appropriately as you head towards your end goal.

In terms of usage, property development finance may be required for anything ranging from new build residential projects, mixed use buildings or strictly commercial developments, through to the purchase of existing land and/or buildings which need to be refurbished to a client’s exact specifications within a set timeline. It can either be arranged outright at the beginning of the project, or halfway through a building development and it is typically paid out in increments at varying points towards completion.

When applying for development finance, the main considerations on the lender’s behalf are the assets you are able to offer as security and your ability to show how feasible the project is in a professional and accurate manner. They will also require additional information including how long the project will take to finish, the end value and a breakdown of all of the costs involved including reasonable allowances for any unexpected or incidental expenses which may be incurred.

Once you are able to show that your project is worthy of investment in terms of economic viability and profit margin, you will also need to prove that you have the relevant planning permission and the experience to get things completed. Of course, if your own experience is somewhat limited then this is not usually too much of a problem as long as the people who are working for you have a proven track record with good credentials. This will include everyone ranging from the architect and your chosen project manager, through to the actual builders themselves who you will ideally be employing under a fixed price contract in order to provide peace of mind for both you and the person who is lending you the cash you need to get things done.

With this in mind, it is absolutely vital that you find a property development finance broker that is highly experienced with access to a wide and varied panel of lenders from a multiplicity of backgrounds. Investors who are open to participating in any type of property development project regardless of size, scale or predicted time frame.

We Compare Lenders Providing The Best Development Loan Rates

Having developed a long fruitful relationship with all the top lenders in the UK allows UK Property Finance to deliver the best rates for development finance.

Bridging Loan Lenders Full

As fully accredited members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers and the Association of Bridging Professionals, we are always willing to go the extra mile in order to ensure that the needs of the borrower and lender are met with the minimum level of confusion and misunderstanding. This includes arranging bespoke property finance packages which are tailored to your exact needs whilst still maintaining a decent level of flexibility. We can also help to ensure your application is a success by offering invaluable help and advice as and when required.

100% Development Finance

UK Property Finance can arrange 100% development finance providing there is extra security available for the loan. If there is no extra security available then there needs to be sufficient profit to work with once the property development is completed. Industry standard from UK lenders to fund is 60% of the land value and 100% of the total build spend. We can arrange further funding through mezzanine finance depending on your situation. Make contact with our advisors should you wish to enquire further.

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