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We are Whole Of Market Property Finance Broker

    • Market leading bridging loan rates from a master broker
    • You get access to a varied selection of financial products
    • Many years of experience at a senior level
    • Whole of Market Offering
    • Finance products covering most situations
    • Flexible business hours open 7 days per week 9am – 9pm
    • FCA regulated 667602 & ICO (Data Protection Registered) ZA115985

Bridging Loan Provided for Most Circumstances

    • Business Funds: short term working capital
    • Auctions: purchasing bargain property quickly at auction
    • Temporary Cash flow problems: when you require cash urgently
    • Tax Liabilities: finance those unexpected tax bills
    • Property Refurbishment: upgrade your residential or business premises
    • Buy to let: don’t miss out on an investment opportunity
    • Moving House: seen your ideal property but in a chain & need temporary funding to move quickly

Fast Bridging Finance

UK Property Finance are a “Whole of Market”, Directly FCA Authorised & Regulated, Master Finance Broker specialising in fast access to Bridging Loans, Development Finance & Commercial Finance. Our “Whole of Market” broker status enables us to source the cheapest Bridging Loans & Development Loans from any lender in the market enabling us to provide the very best of rates.

Our Bridging Loan, Development Finance & Commercial Finance proposition includes numerous unique & special offers.

We have arranged short term Bridging Loans and Development Loans in all areas of the UK, we can even provide bridging finance to purchase overseas properties and importantly our experienced and continuously highly trained broker staff are on hand daily, for extended hours. This enables your case to be quickly assessed and a formal YES or NO answer given to any Bridge Loan or Development Finance question within minutes.

Due to our many years of experience as cheap Bridging Loan & Development Finance brokers, we have a vast array of contacts and huge amounts of experience and as such we are totally confident in saying that whatever your situation, if we can’t help, then it is highly unlikely that anyone else will!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bridge loan?

A “Bridge Loan” is a short-term financing product that is usually taken out in order to bridge the gap between one property transaction and the next. For example, if you bought a house on the spur of the moment and found yourself unable to raise the funds fast to finance the purchase, yet you had the equity to buy that new property tied up in an existing house that you owned, then an open bridging loan might be the perfect solution.

Sometimes referred to as gap finance or a swing loan, bridging loans are usually available for 6 to 12 month periods and because they are short term products the overall amount of interest repayable is usually quite low and affordable. As bridging loans are secured products, most applicants experience a high rate of approval although the overall cost of borrowing is often swayed by a borrower’s credit history.

To view more examples of bridging finance and to help you understand what scenarios are relevant to obtain bridging finance, visit our calculator page to learn more on what a bridging loan is and the benefits respectfully.

What is the interest rate on a bridge loan?

The interest rate on a bridge loan is typically between 1% and 1.5% per month. However, some lenders are able to much better rates than others, so it is always good to shop around or use the services of a regulated broker in order to get the best possible deal.

What is the meaning of bridge finance?

Bridging finance is a fast and flexible, short-term property loan type that can be approved and released within a matter of days. It is a highly useful tool for bridging the gap between two property transactions and a practical solution for those needing extra time to arrange suitable long-term finance.

What is bridge capital?

A bridge loan is a quickly secured borrowing product that can be used to solve urgent cash flow problems that are only expected to last for a short while. In this kind of scenario a capital raising bridging loan would be recommended. Bridging loans are typically secured on any real estate asset a borrower can offer, including residential, commercial or mixed-use properties.

What is a bridge loan for real estate?

A bridge loan is an interim borrowing product that uses the equity that a borrower has in a property they currently own in order to raise the funds required for the purchase of new real estate. Also known as gap financing or swing loans, bridging loans are normally repaid within 6 to 12 months.

What is auction finance?

Auction finance can refer to any short-term auction bridging loan product that can be arranged and released swiftly until other, more permanent funds can be raised or secured. This is an important source of finance for many buy to let proprietors or property developers who often need to raise funds urgently.

What is an end financing loan?

End financing is a long-term loan product that is used by property developers looking to finance the exit of a shorter term, more speedily organised bridging loan. An end financing loan differs from most other property loans in that it is not just an interest-only product.

What is a swing loan?

A swing loan, or bridge loan is a short-term borrowing product that is suitable for homeowners seeking to purchase a new home whilst waiting for the sale of another to complete. In the vast majority of cases, the funds are secured using the equity tied up in both assets as collateral.

Do you cover all areas of the UK?

Yes, we cover across the whole of the UK and get your finance approved fast. The Top 10 current locations in the UK by population size (as of Feb 2021) are: London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Bristol, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Edinburgh and Leicester.

To view our full page of most frequently asked questions regarding bridging loans visit our Bridging FAQs page.

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