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UK Property Finance Nominated for 2017 Best Bridging Broker Award

Here at UK Property Finance, we’ve always measured our success in that of our customers. We take enormous pride in helping borrowers at all levels achieve incredible things through intelligent, flexible and accessible financing. Nothing makes us happier than helping those for whom conventional financial products and services aren’t quite up to the job.

Of course, it’s also rewarding to receive the approval and support of the wider industry, as recognition of the investment our team has made in building our company. Which is why we’re absolutely delighted to report that UK Property Finance has been nominated for the title of ‘Best Bridging Broker’ at the 2017 Bridging & Commercial Awards – an event established to highlight the most outstanding talent the industry has to offer.

UK Property Finance have been shortlisted for the Bridging & Commercial Awards 2017

2017 Bridging & Commercial Awards

“Bridging & Commercial is proud to announce the shortlisted nominees for the 2017 Bridging & Commercial Awards, in association with Titlesolv. The top brokers, lenders and individuals in the bridging, commercial, development finance, peer-to-peer and specialist banking markets have been shortlisted and are now in the running to win one of the industry’s most prestigious awards.”Bridging & Commercial

The past year has proved quite extraordinary not only for us, but for the UK borrowing market as a whole. As it becomes increasingly difficult and expensive to access essential property development finance, developers at all levels are turning to alternative, intelligent financial solutions. Bridging loans in particular are proving to be not just popular, but a valuable lifeline for thousands of developers with portfolios of all sizes.

Having proven our dedication to both premier customer service and on-going innovation, UK Property Finance has been pinpointed by the 2017 Bridging & Commercial Awards as one of Britain’s leading bridging loans brokers.  Deliberations are set to take place later this month on May 18th, while the ceremony itself is scheduled for June 8th. And as if we weren’t looking forward to it enough already, the prestigious event at The Hurlingham Club will apparently have a ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ theme this year!

Win or lose, we genuinely could not be happier with the nomination – click the following link to find out more about the awards and the event itself: http://www.bridgingandcommercial.co.uk/article-desc-11886_B&C-Awards-2017-shortlist-announced.

Committed to Quality

As a fully independent, FCA regulated organisation, UK Property Finance is committed to quality, transparency and comprehensively objective advice above all else. The UK bridging loans market is growing at its fastest-ever pace right now, which further emphasises the significance of our nomination for such a prestigious award.

Despite having only been in business for a short time, we’re so proud to have established UK Property Finance as a reliable and reputable brand. Whether looking to renovate a single property or significantly expand an existing portfolio, our unrivalled expertise and experience can help guide you in your business in a positive, profitable direction.

For more information on any of our services, get in touch with the UK Property Finance customer service team today.

Last Updated: Nov 6, 2018 @ 2:59 pm

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