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To Buy or Not to Buy! Property Experts Discuss Whether Buyers Should Buy Now or Wait Until 2022

This month property prices rose once again, by £2,509, resulting in the average price of a home in the UK rising to an all-time high of £336,073. With the price increases and the end of the stamp duty tax break, many buyers are asking whether this is the time to […]

Historic Global Tax Agreement Reached by G7 Finance Ministers

On June 5, G7 finance ministers reached an historic global tax reform agreement, fulfilling the promise of chancellor Rishi Sunak to ensure the world’s biggest international businesses make an appropriate contribution. Key details of the agreement reached at the G7 summit: G7 Finance ministers strike seismic agreement on global tax […]

Paragon Bank Predicts Buy-to-Let Boom, Reports Impressive Half-Year Profits

The UK could be headed towards another major buy-to-let boom, as wealthy investors and entrepreneurs seek to take advantage of skyrocketing property prices. According to Paragon Bank, new and established buy-to-let investors alike are looking to snap-up desirable homes ahead of a seemingly inevitable spike in demand for private rental […]

Record-High Mortgage Lending Activity Recorded in Q1

Mortgage lending activity attributed to home movers reached an all-time high during the first three months of this year, as homeowners across the UK set their sights on more spacious homes with private gardens. According to the latest figures published by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), movers accounted for 42% […]

Completion Delays Puts 1000’s of Property Sales at Risk

The stamp duty tax break comes to an end at the end of this month leading to many home buyers standing to lose out on considerable savings. It is expected that 40% of sales agreed before April 1st will not complete in time, leaving around 160,000 buyers approximately £15,000 worse […]

How to Achieve Financial Freedom Faster

Financial freedom is the long-term goal of most people. By definition, financial freedom refers to reaching a position where your combined investments, savings and on-hand cash are sufficient to fund your lifestyle indefinitely. The road to financial freedom is peppered with potholes and obstacles; the single most prevalent of all […]

House Prices in May Reach New Record Levels

The month of May has seen yet another hike in the average price of properties, reaching a record £261,743, according to Halifax’s latest house price index figures. This is the strongest level seen in almost 7 years with house price inflation rates rising by 9.5% over the last year. During […]

Major Growth in BTL Landlords Showing Interest in Greener Mortgages

Interest in green mortgages is at an all-time high, according to new figures published by Mortgages for Business. A poll conducted on around 300 UK landlords found that 62% have an active interest in loans that incentivise borrowers to make energy-efficient improvements to their properties. The figures contrast sharply with […]

More First Time Buyers are Turning to Brokers for Support and Representation

The potential value of the services offered by brokers is being acknowledged by first-time buyers on a more widespread basis than ever before. That is according to the latest figures from Aldermore Bank, who indicate that one in every two first-time buyers is now using the services of an independent […]

Is Now the Right Time to Consider Equity Release?

The UK’s real estate market has bounced back from its COVID-19 crash at a pace none could have predicted. Fuelled by the temporary stamp duty holiday and the collective desire of millions to upgrade to more spacious rural properties, average house prices recently hit a record high of £238,831. As […]

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