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ComparetheMarket Fined £17.9 Million for Artificially Inflating Insurance Costs

Price comparison site ComparetheMarket has been handed a £17.9 million penalty for falsifying information presented to customers. The service which enables customers to compare the market for mortgages, insurance and other financial products faces accusations of artificially inflating home insurance costs. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) reports that ComparetheMarket […]

Up to 250,000 Mortgage Payers Held ‘Prisoner’ by Their Lenders

Over the past decade, the number of mortgage payers trapped in highly uncompetitive deals has skyrocketed. According to the latest figures published by the London School of Economics, as many as 250,000 mortgage ‘prisoners’ are paying exponentially more than the average rate of interest on their loans. Many of whom […]

Housing Market Will Remain Active During Second Lockdown

In what’s being heralded as a victory for both common sense and the economy as a whole, housing minister Robert Jenrick has confirmed that the UK’s housing market will remain active during the second lockdown. The government recently outlined new restrictions with an initial end date of December 2, though […]

Right to Buy Mortgage with Bad Credit: Will I Qualify?

Technically speaking, Right to Buy is not a separate mortgage category. Eligibility for a mortgage to fund a Right to Buy home purchase is established in the same way as a conventional mortgage, however, there is a separate mortgage category for bad credit mortgage applicants, who would be unlikely to […]

House Prices Are Rising Fastest in These Key Areas

Attributed to an enormous spike of post-lockdown activity, house price growth across the UK is now averaging 3%, its highest in two and a half years. Many areas are experiencing record-high sales and property purchase queries, as the market bounces back from one of its most turbulent years in recent […]

House Price Growth Hits 5.8% for October, Nationwide Reports

Several major banks and lenders across the UK have released data suggesting a faster than expected housing market recovery is well and truly under way.  Nationwide has reported exceptional house price growth for October of 5.8%, the highest recorded since January 2015. Nationwide’s latest House Price Index has painted a […]

Post-Lockdown Exodus Sees City Dwellers Flee for the Country in Record Numbers

It was not long ago that small city centre apartments with the bare minimum space were the most desirable properties for movers in the UK. Given the choice, it seemed most would have liked to relocate to major employment hotspots like London, being perfectly happy to sacrifice space at home […]

UK House Prices Spike a Further 5% in September

Fears of an imminent halt to property price acceleration across the UK have been temporarily allayed, after one of the country’s biggest lenders once again reported strong monthly growth. According to the latest figures from Nationwide, average UK house prices for September saw an impressive 5% spike compared to the […]

The Big Question: Renovate or Relocate?

For some, lockdown provided the perfect opportunity to take stock of what matters and appreciate their homes in an entirely new way. For others, the whole situation made it abundantly clear that they simply were not happy with where they lived. COVID-19 has forced millions to revisit what we expect, […]

UK House Prices at Record High After Biggest Leap Since 2016

It is looking like good news for homeowners and anyone looking to sell a residential property in the near future. Once again, UK property prices have spiked above and beyond all expectations – August having brought about the biggest monthly boost since 2016. According to the latest figures released by […]

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