Secured Second Charge Loans for Home Improvement Projects

Homeowners across the UK routinely turn to banks and specialist lenders for help with major home improvement projects. One of the most flexible and versatile products available is a secured second charge home improvement loan, which can cover the costs of most types of major home improvements, renovations, and extensions. […]

Bridging Sector Bouncing Back After £278m Fall in 2020

Almost every arm of the financial services sector in the UK was adversely affected by COVID-19 last year. The bridging finance segment was no exception, which according to the latest figures from Bridging Trends fell by £278 million compared to 2019. (Click image for full size version) In total, bridging […]

Is Consolidating Debts with a Secured Loan a Good Idea?

On one hand, it is true to say that taking on any form of debt while already struggling with your monthly outgoings is not a good idea. Attempting to solve debt by taking on more debt is usually counterproductive, though there is one exception to the rule. Debt consolidation involves […]

How is a Third National Lockdown Affecting the UK Property Market?

Where the UK’s property market is concerned, there is one major difference between the current lockdown and the lockdown of spring 2020. While there may be major complications with property transactions now, the market is still technically open. This is much different than last year’s initial lockdown, where the market […]

Equity Release Holds Steady in 2020 despite Lockdown Complications

The economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis and three national lockdowns is likely to be felt for some time, however, research suggests that the UK’s equity release market coped surprisingly well throughout the turbulence of 2020. New data from one of the country’s leading equity release specialists – suggests that […]

Interest Only vs Repayment Mortgage: Which is Best?

The vast majority of homebuyers in the United Kingdom purchase properties using one of two primary mortgage types: Interest only mortgages Repayment mortgages Both options have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, but which of the two is more suitable for your preferences and your financial situation? Repayment Mortgages: An […]

End to Complex Leasehold Costs Promised by the Government

The British government has announced plans to overhaul England’s controversial and highly criticised leasehold system, in order to eliminate the excessive costs homeowners often face when extending a lease. In particular, owners of former council properties who purchased their homes in the 1980s are likely to benefit from the planned […]

Extension on Eviction Bans Confirmed, But What Next?

As part of the UK government’s Coronavirus relief efforts, an extension on bailiff-enforced eviction prohibition was recently confirmed. Having previously been due to expire on January 11, communities secretary Robert Jenrick confirmed that the same legislation would now cover renters until February 21. The extension was announced to safeguard private […]

UK House Prices Now 900% the Average Annual Salary

In what is likely to come as a blow for first-time buyers and a boom for existing homeowners, property prices in the UK are a full 5.4% up over the same period last year. This now puts the average market price for a home in the UK at a record […]

Are COVID House Hunters Bending or Breaking Lockdown Laws?

One of the biggest differences between the current lockdown and the first lockdown last March is that most of the economy has remained up and running. The real estate sector has suffered heavily during the first lockdown, when it was forced to shut down entirely for several months. Today, buying […]

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