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Asking Prices for Properties up £6,000 on Pre-Lockdown Averages

Lockdown has taken its toll on the UKs housing market, but evidence would suggest things are gradually returning to normal, at least in terms of property values which are heading in the right direction following an extensive period of stagnation. According to the latest figures released by Rightmove, which is […]

UK Property Market Could Benefit from ‘Blockchain’ Style Platform

A software start-up in the UK has suggested that the speed of property sales nationwide could be doubled with the introduction of a new blockchain-style platform. Coadjute, the company behind the proposed ‘proptech’ platform, announced a deal this week that could put the software into increased use in the future. […]

Rental Sector Thrives During Lockdown due to Job Losses, Break-Ups

While Britain’s housing market sales have experienced a slowdown during lockdown, the private rentals sector has been buzzing with activity. In fact, the latest report from Rightmove suggests that demand for lettings across the UK is currently 22% higher than it was at the same time in 2019. As lockdown […]

Spike in Housing Market Activity Suggests Return to Normality

With the peak of the Covid-19 outbreak seemingly behind us, the UK economy is slowly beginning to show signs of a gradual return to normality. The housing market has seen a tremendous spike in activity over the past few days, as movers and renters seek to make the most on […]

UK Housing Market Sees Upswing as Lockdown Restrictions Start to be Lifted

The number of enquiries at one of the country’s biggest real estate agencies peaked last week as buyers came out of lockdown. Across its more than 100 offices, Savills observed a 30% surge in interest in new homes compared to last year. Sales figures doubled post-lockdown, though were still below […]

Moving House Permitted Once Again as Lockdown Restrictions Eased

In a pivotal move by the UK government to gradually restart both the housing market and the economy, buyers and renters across England are now able to move house once again. Estate agents can reopen their offices, physical viewings of properties can be carried out, conveyancers can conduct property inspections […]

UK Property Prices See Only Modest Declines for March/April 2020

A sluggish performance was the only realistic expectation for the UK housing market throughout the lockdown period. A gradual or sudden spike in property prices was never going to happen while the market was at a standstill, paving the way for doomsday predictions for average house prices for the period. […]

Government Outlines Basic Framework for Restarting UK Economy

The UK Government has begun the process of restarting the economy, having outlined several lockdown relaxations to be introduced over the coming weeks. Businesses, trade bodies, unions and workers representatives have all been invited to submit their input and ideas as to how the economy should be restarted in the […]

Yes, You Can Move to a New House & Here Are the Facts You Need

If you have been putting off a potential move, you are far from alone. According to recent figures, it is estimated that around 450,000 buyers and renters in England alone have put their plans on hold due to lockdown restrictions. With the gradual easing across England, many are expecting a […]

Mortgage Deals Show Signs of Life as Lender Restrictions Relax

The past month or so brought little other than doom and gloom for prospective homebuyers across the UK. As of this week, it seems there is finally light at the end of the tunnel for British borrowers on the lookout for a competitive home loan. As a knock-on effect of […]

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