Using a Bridging Loan to Settle Inheritance Tax

Pay your inheritance tax bill with a specialist bridging loan product. Bridging loans are a unique, short-term financing product that can be used to pay of all manner of urgent debts, including inheritance tax bills, HMRC tax demands and several other time-critical financial obligations that need to be settled fast. […]

When to Apply for a Bad Credit Bridging Loan

Bad Credit Bridging Loans – The Facts of Borrowing If you have ever received marketing literature or seen any product advertising relating to secured loans and other borrowing products with low interest rates then you should always be fully aware that the rates advertised are not the rates that are […]

UK Property Finance Embraces the Continued Use of New Technology for an Improved Customer Service Experience

One of the UK’s leading providers of intelligently sourced, independent property finance solutions has voiced an opinion of concern against rival firms seeking to actively shun the introduction and development of new, automated services that have been designed and implemented to provide a much improved and significantly more streamlined customer […]

Leading Bridging Lender Warns UK Homeowners of Impending Mortgage Rate Hikes

UK Property Finance Shares Useful Insights for British Borrowers One of the UK’s most successful property finance brokers has recently advised potential home movers and those in the Buy-to-Let industry that the best time to apply for a long-term secured loan product is right now. The primary reason for this is […]

A great night out to see a great year out!

This year the UK Property Finance team have nearly doubled in size. It was great for the whole team to get together to enjoy some festive spirit and laughter at this year’s Christmas party. Everyone from the team joined us from our BDMS, processing team, internal sales and our marketing […]

Buy-to-Let Landlords Feel the Squeeze as Lending Restrictions Tightened

It wasn’t long ago that it seemed as if an unprecedented spike in buy-to-let investment interest was here to stay. Investors at all levels were going crazy for the kinds of low-interest financial products never previously made available, spelling good times for property investors, bad times for first-time buyers on […]

Mortgage Rates Set to Rise After a Year of Record-Breaking Lows

To look at the picture over the past year or so, you’d be forgiven for thinking that rock-bottom mortgage rates were the new norm. Which indeed they were, with the vast majority of major lenders having slashed mortgage rates to all-time lows, resulting in a huge spike in borrowing accordingly. […]

Buy-to-let industry beating all predictions

A recent dataset published by HMRC has shown that April’s stamp duty rise has hardly had any effect at all in terms of deterring new and existing landlords from buying up properties. In fact, summer 2016 has been an extraordinarily busy time in the Buy-to-let sector with almost 25% of […]

More Regulated Bridging Lenders Expected Next Year

According to a recent study conducted by Bridging & Commercial, more than half of the lenders who took part were of the opinion that the number of regulated bridging lenders would be significantly higher in 2017 than in 2016. Unlike high street banks and various other loan providers, bridging specialists […]

Bridging Support Into Residential Care

Our clients, an elderly couple, were in the process of selling their home to fund their retirement to move into a residential care home. Unfortunately, the sale of the property was taking longer than expected and their need for residential care was becoming more urgent. Our clients were unable to […]

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