Financial Sector Contributes Record-High £76bn in Tax in 2020

The overwhelming majority of sectors experienced catastrophic losses last year, due to the COVID-19 crisis and the effects of lockdown. The UK’s financial sector was by no means immune to the harms of Coronavirus, which was also predicted to face a monumental downturn in the wake of a turbulent Brexit. […]

Sunak Discusses Plan to Create ‘Generation Buy’, Bucking Prior Trends

For years, the UK has been blighted with the prospect of an entire generation being priced completely out of the property market. An issue in almost all areas of the country, prospective first-time buyers have found it increasingly difficult to qualify for mortgages with excessive initial deposit requirements. This demographic […]

Searches for Development Bridging Back in the Top Five

Specialist brokers operating within the bridging sector have noted a major spike in activity and interest among property developers. As a result, and for the first time since February 2019, development bridging is back within the top five search terms within the bridging category. According to Knowledge Bank, which recently […]

How to Get a Bridging Loan for a London Property

With monthly interest rates hovering at an all-time low, there has never been a more cost-effective time to consider bridging finance. Particularly where the funds are required quickly and for a major purchase or investment, bridging loans offer an invaluable lifeline for both private borrowers and commercial customers. Getting a […]

Secured and Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loans: Which is better?

A competitive debt consolidation loan has the potential to save an individual with multiple debts, time, money and hassle. Particularly if their existing debts attach elevated rates of interest and excessive borrowing costs, consolidation can represent a real lifeline. But which of the two main options available, secured and unsecured […]

New 5% Deposit Scheme Could Help Millions of First Time Buyers

As part of the 2021 Budget outlined by Chancellor Rishi Sunak this week, major banks and lenders are to be offered incentives to help more first-time buyers get on to the property ladder. Ahead of the official announcement, the Treasury affirmed the government’s intent to support lenders offering 95% mortgages […]

When is a Secured Loan a Good Option?

An unsecured loan can be a versatile and conveniently accessible financial tool for short-term borrowing requirements; however, unsecured loans are typically only available for relatively small sums and are repaid using regular monthly payments, over an agreed timescale. With secured lending, significantly greater sums are often available and for repayment […]

London’s Financial Service Sector Remains in Post-Brexit Limbo

In the weeks since Brexit became a reality, the whole UK economy has been something of a mixed bag. On one hand, predictions of immediate and outright Armageddon for the country’s entire business community turned out to be exaggerated. On the other, there are those who still see a doomsday […]

UK House Prices Continue to Climb as Stamp Duty Deadline Looms

Since it was announced, the March 31 stamp duty holiday in England was predicted to result in a slow but steady decline in average property values.  Following an initial rush of interest, the number of prospective buyers looking to purchase homes prior to the deadline has gradually diminished over recent […]

Tesla’s $1.5 Billion Bitcoin Purchase Continues to Divide Opinion

Tesla has once again been dominating the headlines over the past week, after the company made a historic $1.5 billion Bitcoin purchase. The huge crypto currency investment was not entirely surprising, given CEO Elon Musk’s public praise for Bitcoin for some time now. Many analysts had always seen it as […]

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