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A Brief Insight on Secured Commercial Loans and Unsecured Business Loans

If you are thinking of starting up a new business, or you are looking to expand an already successful corporate enterprise, the chances are that you will get absolutely nowhere and at light speed if you do not have access to the required type of financing you need. When trying […]

Commercial Property as a Buy To Let Investment

Owing to recent tax relief changes that came into effect in April this year, a growing  number of buy to let investors have found themselves turning their backs against domestic rental properties in favour of commercial investments as a more favourable opportunity. In addition to this, some buy-to-let experts are […]

Remortgaging versus Secured Borrowing

You may find it somewhat surprising to think that, when it comes to remortgaging, many borrowers remain completely unaware that another option exists.  Recently, a growing number of independent finance advisers have begun to advise their clients of a unique range of secured borrowing products which can sometimes be of […]

UK Property Finance Nominated for 2017 Best Bridging Broker Award

Here at UK Property Finance, we’ve always measured our success in that of our customers. We take enormous pride in helping borrowers at all levels achieve incredible things through intelligent, flexible and accessible financing. Nothing makes us happier than helping those for whom conventional financial products and services aren’t quite […]

Secured Business Funding

Raising the required capital to start and develop a new business is often the dictionary definition of a catch-22 situation. In terms of available lenders, there are dozens of major banks, building societies and financial institutions that are happy to loan cash to the required amount.  Unfortunately, they only tend […]

How To Get The Results You Need When Applying for Property Development Finance

Although most property development projects tend to radically differ from each other in terms of the actual work itself, they all share one key requirement. The primary underlying factor in terms of a developer being able to be successfully deliver a project while simultaneously generating a healthy return, is the […]

Turned Down For Property Development Finance?

Contrary to popular belief, being turned down for property development finance is far from uncommon. It’s just that when it happens to you personally, you feel as though you’re the only one in the world facing such troubles. Regardless of what it is you need the capital for, there are […]

Using a Bridging Loan to Settle Inheritance Tax

Pay your inheritance tax bill with a specialist bridging loan product. Bridging loans are a unique, short-term financing product that can be used to pay of all manner of urgent debts, including inheritance tax bills, HMRC tax demands and several other time-critical financial obligations that need to be settled fast. […]

When to Apply for a Bad Credit Bridging Loan

Bad Credit Bridging Loans – The Facts of Borrowing If you have ever received marketing literature or seen any product advertising relating to secured loans and other borrowing products with low interest rates then you should always be fully aware that the rates advertised are not the rates that are […]

UK Property Finance Embraces the Continued Use of New Technology for an Improved Customer Service Experience

One of the UK’s leading providers of intelligently sourced, independent property finance solutions has voiced an opinion of concern against rival firms seeking to actively shun the introduction and development of new, automated services that have been designed and implemented to provide a much improved and significantly more streamlined customer […]

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