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Three Property Market Trends to Expect in 2021

Attempting to accurately project trends and shifts in the UK property market for the year ahead is never easy. Compounded with the chaos 2020 brought to buyers, sellers, investors, and developers across the country, it is difficult to voice any outright assurances for the year ahead. Recent activity over the […]

Controversial Computerised Housing Allocation System Revisited and Adjusted

Government ministers have confirmed that a controversial computerised system used to determine where new housing should be built in England has been adjusted, following a furious backlash from a group of MPs. The revision of the computer-based formula will ensure greater emphasis is placed on the urban areas and cities […]

Top-Pick Property Hotspots for 2021 – Where Have House Prices Risen the Most?

To say that 2020 has been quite an unusual year for the UK property market would be a major understatement. With the fallout of the COVID-19 crisis expected to linger for some time, real estate experts are predicting similarly turbulent conditions throughout much of 2021. Uncertainty and economic turmoil have, […]

New Up-Front Rental Payment System Launched in the UK

Following a successful two-year trial, a new up-front rental payment system is being rolled out across the UK. Known as the Advanced Rent Option, the new system provides letting agents with the option of offering landlords one year’s rent in advance as part of their service package. According to those […]

Two-Year Remortgage Deals Back at Halifax, Rates Overhauled

The Halifax has confirmed the re-introduction of its popular two-year remortgage product, while at the same time outlining a series of overhauls to several major remortgage deals. Customers remortgaging with Halifax now have a total of three fee options to choose from at four LTV (loan to value) levels, with […]

Manchester is the UK’s New Buy to Let Hotspot

Manchester has risen through the ranks to become the UK’s most appealing and profitable prospect for Buy to Let investments. That’s according to the latest figures from Aldermore’s Buy to Let City Tracker, which positions the city of Manchester above all other UK regions as the country’s new hotspot. The […]

ComparetheMarket Fined £17.9 Million for Artificially Inflating Insurance Costs

Price comparison site ComparetheMarket has been handed a £17.9 million penalty for falsifying information presented to customers. The service which enables customers to compare the market for mortgages, insurance and other financial products faces accusations of artificially inflating home insurance costs. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) reports that ComparetheMarket […]

Up to 250,000 Mortgage Payers Held ‘Prisoner’ by Their Lenders

Over the past decade, the number of mortgage payers trapped in highly uncompetitive deals has skyrocketed. According to the latest figures published by the London School of Economics, as many as 250,000 mortgage ‘prisoners’ are paying exponentially more than the average rate of interest on their loans. Work out what  […]

Housing Market Will Remain Active During Second Lockdown

In what’s being heralded as a victory for both common sense and the economy as a whole, housing minister Robert Jenrick has confirmed that the UK’s housing market will remain active during the second lockdown. The government recently outlined new restrictions with an initial end date of December 2, though […]

House Prices Are Rising Fastest in These Key Areas

Attributed to an enormous spike of post-lockdown activity, house price growth across the UK is now averaging 3%, its highest in two and a half years. Many areas are experiencing record-high sales and property purchase queries, as the market bounces back from one of its most turbulent years in recent […]

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