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Selling a Property Through Probate? How Much Tax Do I Have to Pay?

Concerned regarding how to pay inheritance tax before probate? In need of advice on how to value personal property for probate? Given the importance and sensitivity of such transactions, sourcing independent expert advice should be your first port of call. What Is a Probate Property? Dealing with a loss of […]

Have Banks Recovered from the Recession?

More than a decade has passed since the financial crisis that crippled the UK. In the meantime, banks and lenders across the country have been working tirelessly to regain their strength and positioning. Lloyds Bank recovery and Bank of Scotland debt recovery initiatives have been well publicised, but where exactly […]

How Much Property Does the Royal Family Own?

You wouldn’t expect the British Royal Family to be anything but fabulously wealthy. You’d also expect the Queen to own more than her fair share of prime real estate across the UK. But what you might not know is how many Royal properties there are in Britain, or the total […]

Vote for UK Property Finance in the 2019 Bridging & Commercial Awards

Once again, we’re delighted to announce that UK Property Finance has been nominated for an award at one of the year’s most prestigious industry events. UK Property Finance is up for the ‘Best Development Broker’ award at the 2019 Bridging and Commercial Awards ceremony, said to be held on June […]

Why are Specialist Lenders More Open to Lending Than Traditional Banks?

The last decade has seen the ‘rebirth’ of the specialist sector. The current specialist lenders are more conservative than in the past and are governed by tighter legislation such as increased capital requirements making them less vulnerable in the event of a downturn. There have been various reasons for this […]

No Brexit Deals and Bridging Loans

There is less than 6 months before UK officially leave the European Union. We are yet to see what kind of a deal Britain will leave with.  What does this mean for Britain’s alternative finance industry especially the bridging market? UK’s departure from the EU without a Brexit deal might […]

10 Things To Do To Protect Yourself Against Fraud

Everybody thinks that fraud is the kind of thing that happens to other people, rather than themselves. That is, until it takes them well and truly by surprise. On the plus side, there’s plenty each and every one of us can do to significantly reduce the likelihood of being targeted […]

House Prices Falling – Good News or Bad?

Whatever looms on the economic horizon for the UK, it will inherently spell outright disaster for some and rich pickings for others. In various corners of Europe, political and economic unease is prompting the kinds of headlines that are making investors on a global basis more than a little nervous. […]

Banks Tighten Up On Credit Card Lending Restrictions

Any increase of activity In consumer spending can only be considered a positive thing in terms of getting the economy getting back on its feet. It stands to reason, that the more UK products and services the average British consumer decides to invest in, the better the economy will perform […]

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