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You’ll Need Some Rest this Weekend: Are You Ready for Telephone Tuesday?

Here’s a fact to ruin your afternoon – the upcoming bank holiday is the only remaining bank holiday between now and Christmas! Almost impossible to imagine, given how it feels like 2019 has only really just gotten underway. In any case, it’s the truth – the August bank holiday arrives […]

London No Longer the Fastest UK City to Sell a Home

You’d be forgiven for assuming London would be the fastest city in the UK to find a buyer for your property. Until relatively recently, you’d have also been right on the money. Five years ago, the average time needed to secure a buyer for property in London was just 36 […]

Housing Crisis: Spare a Thought for the Youngest In Society

The housing crisis in the United Kingdom means different things to different people. For some, skyrocketing property prices are playing directly into their hands and indeed their pockets. For others, it’s a case of accepting the stark reality that home ownership is unlikely at best. Research suggests that approximately 90% […]

Barratt Expects Annual Profit To Beat Market Forecasts

Despite the rather gloomy outlook from some industry watchers a short time ago, housebuilder Barratt Developments PLC is now expected to beat initial market forecasts. Having completed a record number of new home builds and significantly improved its margins, the organisation’s annual profit is set to comfortably beat expectations. Barratt […]

How The Modern Workplace Has Transformed Itself

It’s easy to take the various conveniences and freedoms of the modern workplace for granted. Particularly if you’ve only recently joined the workforce, it can be hard to imagine the workplace of yesteryear. But what have been the biggest changes to the modern workplace over the past 20 years or […]

Gender Pay Gap in Finance: We Need to Work Together

It’s no secret that the gender pay gap remains an issue for almost every industry and sector in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, evidence suggests some industries are performing far worse than others, as far as equal pay issues are concerned. The worst offender of all being the financial service sector. […]

Could Corbyn Be Planning His Own Estate Agency?

It’s hard to think of a time in recent history where the face of British politics was such an unmitigated mess. May’s imminent departure is highly unlikely to serve as a catalyst for stability anytime soon. Understandably, there are many who blame the Tories squarely and exclusively with the vast […]

How Lending Criteria Has Changed Over the Last Ten Years

Changes to lending criteria over the years have affected the way most of us access credit facilities. Some changes in lending criteria have been more noticeable than others – most notably those affecting mortgage eligibility.  Indeed, some have found that the more recent lending criteria changes on the High Street […]

Energy Efficient Homes: It’s Not Just Solar Panels and Loft Insulation

However energy-efficient you think you are, a recent story published in The Mail confirmed you’re probably anything but. For most of us, the homes we live in represent perhaps the biggest drains of all on our finite cash reserves. Not the case for Colin Usher and his wife, who pay […]

Trump’s America: Financial Failure or Flourishing?

President Donald Trump is no stranger to claiming credit for just about anything that pops into his head. Two examples of which being the strength of the stock market and the US economy in general – both of which are doing pretty well. As far as he’s concerned, the country’s […]

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