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    UK Housing Stock Shortage Shows no Signs of Abating

    UK Housing Stock Shortage Shows no Signs of Abating

    The likelihood of the sizeable housing stock shortage in the UK being resolved any time in the near future is treading a fine line between slim and none. Analysts and industry watchers now firmly believe that the major deficit between available supply and record-high demand will continue unabated for some time. Driven by ferocious competition […]

    property prices rise

    UK Property Prices Hit All-Time High…Again

    Average house prices in the UK have reached another all-time high; competition among buyers now twice as ferocious as it was just two years ago, demand is aggressively outstripping supply in almost all key regions of the country. According to the latest house price index from Rightmove, September brought another 0.3% increase to average house […]

    landlords raising covid rental debt

    Landlords on a Cliff Edge with Covid Rental Debt on the Increase

    A statement from the NRLA (National Residents Landlords Association) has been published, highlighting the lack of government action to address the increasing Covid rental debt for private landlords and renters across the nation. With the end of furlough and the recent benefit cuts, thousands of renters and landlords are finding themselves in a very bleak […]

    Average Outstanding Rent Reaches Four-Year Low

    Average Outstanding Rent Reaches Four-Year Low

    Thousands of private landlords across the UK were the silent victims of COVID-19’s economic impact on the country. With millions suddenly facing the prospect of not being able to pay their rent, landlords found their income severely or completely drying up. Consequently, countless buy-to-let landlords fell into arrears with their own lenders as their tenants […]

    Rural Property Prices up a Staggering 30% Year on Year

    Rural Property Prices up a Staggering 30% Year on Year

    Nowhere is the pandemic price boom more evident than in some of the UK’s most picturesque and desirable rural locations. A recent BBC expose examined the effects of the pandemic on the Yorkshire Dales housing market where desirable properties continue to attract dozens of offers within days. Demand for such homes continues to outstrip supply […]

    UK Adults Future Care Costs

    UK Adults Not Planning Ahead For Future Care Costs

    A growing proportion of UK pensioners may have no choice but to resort to their state pension income to cover the costs of their essential care. Fears are growing of a “concerning number” of over-60s who are looking into the idea of using their state pension to pay for their long-term care, or are already […]

    UK Buy to Let Areas Investment

    Which Are the Best Places in the UK for Property Investments?

    Even today, with demand for desirable properties at an all-time high, there is no such thing as a safe haven for landlords. Nevertheless, research conducted by Aviva suggests that as much as 10% of the adult population in the UK could be planning an investment property purchase over the next 12 months. Anyone looking to […]

    UKPF Bridging Loan

    UK Property Finance Completes £2.25m Bridging Loan

    A client approached UK Property Finance seeking a bridging loan of £2.25 million, to cover the purchase cost of investment properties, carry out refurbishments and later sell on the developed properties for a profit. The client wanted to take funds out of his unencumbered buy to let London property, although the tenants of the property […]

    Deposit Partial Home Ownership

    Wayhome Launches New 5% Deposit Partial Home Ownership Scheme

    First-time buyers looking to get on to the property ladder without a conventional mortgage now have the option of an innovative new scheme from Wayhome. Albeit, with a significant stamp duty catch and major restrictions on subsequent home improvements. The new scheme will enable first-time buyers to purchase a property with a 5% deposit, without […]

    University Costs But to Let Mortgage

    Is it Possible to Cover Your University Costs as a Landlord?

    It may appear a bizarre concept on the surface but student BTL mortgages do in exist, the idea being that with a ‘student mortgage’ you purchase a property with no down payment and earn money by renting it out to your friends. Only because it is technically possible does not necessarily make it an appropriate […]

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