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Buy-to-Let Purchase Shows Signs of Recovery

After flatlining throughout much of the coronavirus crisis, the UK’s Buy to Let market is showing reassuring signs of a strong recovery. Property purchases and portfolio expansion plans put on hold during lockdown are now being unleashed on the sector, spurred in part by the current stamp duty holiday recently […]

Over 1 Million Brits Could Be Overpaying on Their Mortgages

Mortgage applicants naturally seek the best possible deals, which for most means choosing lenders that offer the best introductory rates. Unfortunately, research suggests that a surprising proportion of home buyers do not realise that when their initial deal comes to an end, the mortgage is automatically switched to a standard […]

Is Now the Time to Reconsider Buy-to-Let?

Prior to the government’s decision to more or less declare war on private landlords, buy-to-let was a safe haven for investors. If not, a veritable goldmine for those who made the savviest moves. But it wasn’t to last, as sweeping tax reforms hit current and prospective landlords hard, removing much […]

Short-Term Holiday Lets Increase in Demand as Lenders Diversify Mortgage Options

Staycation spots are on a rise in the United Kingdom, and mortgage lenders are making their best attempts to meet the rising demand for them. Do you think short-term lets are the new direction property lenders and investors should be eyeing for the next couple of years? Before the onset […]

The 90% LTV Mortgage is Back – What This Means for Buyers

Recent months have seen most major lenders become increasingly reluctant to offer high LTV mortgages, primarily due to the economic uncertainty brought about by the Covid-19 crisis. As life slowly begins to show signs of normality once again, some of the nation’s leading lenders are once again introducing higher LTV […]

Equity Release Advice Standards Still Subpar, FCA Review Suggests

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is the body responsible for ensuring businesses and consumers in the UK are provided with honest and accurate financial advice on key financial matters. Unfortunately, a newly published review of equity release advice suggests that many service providers are not fulfilling their obligations. Significant efforts […]

Buy to Let: Is Now the Time to Invest?

For several years now, the United Kingdom has been widely regarded as a haven for buy to let investments. From casual investors with just a single rental property to those with extensive portfolios spanning the British Isles, skyrocketing rent prices have attracted investors from near and far. The coronavirus crisis […]

Six-Month Right to Buy Receipts Repayment Extension Confirmed

As part of the government’s on-going response to the coronavirus crisis, councils across England are to be offered an additional six months to spend the funds raised via Right to Buy sales. First reported by Inside Housing, the government has confirmed the six-month extension which will provide local councils with […]

Judge Declares DSS Exclusions by Private Landlords ‘Unlawful’

For the first time, a judge in the United Kingdom has ruled that the exclusion of people on housing benefit by private landlords is discriminatory and unlawful.  The court ruling was heralded as “momentous” by those campaigning for change, following a complex legal battle involving a single mother-of-two made homeless […]

Asking Prices for Properties up £6,000 on Pre-Lockdown Averages

Lockdown has taken its toll on the UKs housing market, but evidence would suggest things are gradually returning to normal, at least in terms of property values which are heading in the right direction following an extensive period of stagnation. According to the latest figures released by Rightmove, which is […]

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