Mortgage Approvals in February Up Almost 40% on Ten-Year Average

There was further evidence of robust real estate market activity in February, with official data indicating a near 40% increase of mortgage approvals compared to the ten-year average. New figures from the Bank of England show that around 87,700 mortgages were issued for residential property purchases in February, far above […]

Demand for Specialists Mortgages on the Rise for High Net Worth Individuals

With the recent budget announcements putting personal and business finance firmly in the spotlight, it has become more important now than ever to focus on the issues facing homeowners and potential new borrowers. With many incomes being significantly impacted by the Covid crisis over the last 12 months, it is […]

Co-Founder of Anorak Confirms Planned Collaborations with Mortgage Brokers

One of the web’s leading protection providers has confirmed its plan to establish partnerships with mortgage brokers, in order to make it quicker and easier for borrowers to safeguard themselves from future financial issues. In a recent interview with FTAdviser, Anorak’s co-founder and chief executive officer, David Vanek, explained his […]

What £250,000 Will Stretch to in Several Areas of England

Average property prices in the UK exceeded £250,000 some time ago but what exactly can you get for this kind of money in different corners of the country? Unsurprisingly, the size and specification of property you can expect for your £250,000 differs greatly from one region to the next. With […]

A Central Knightsbridge Flat for Just £150,000?

We recently published a post examining what the £250,000 average UK house price could be used to purchase in different parts of the country. With average property prices now exceeding £645,000, key London locations are largely out of reach for most movers and investors. But there will always be the […]

Sunak Discusses Plan to Create ‘Generation Buy’, Bucking Prior Trends

For years, the UK has been blighted with the prospect of an entire generation being priced completely out of the property market. An issue in almost all areas of the country, prospective first-time buyers have found it increasingly difficult to qualify for mortgages with excessive initial deposit requirements. This demographic […]

New 5% Deposit Scheme Could Help Millions of First Time Buyers

As part of the 2021 Budget outlined by Chancellor Rishi Sunak this week, major banks and lenders are to be offered incentives to help more first-time buyers get on to the property ladder. Ahead of the official announcement, the Treasury affirmed the government’s intent to support lenders offering 95% mortgages […]

UK House Prices Continue to Climb as Stamp Duty Deadline Looms

Since it was announced, the March 31 stamp duty holiday in England was predicted to result in a slow but steady decline in average property values.  Following an initial rush of interest, the number of prospective buyers looking to purchase homes prior to the deadline has gradually diminished over recent […]

Equity Release Holds Steady in 2020 despite Lockdown Complications

The economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis and three national lockdowns is likely to be felt for some time, however, research suggests that the UK’s equity release market coped surprisingly well throughout the turbulence of 2020. New data from one of the country’s leading equity release specialists – suggests that […]

Interest Only vs Repayment Mortgage: Which is Best?

The vast majority of homebuyers in the United Kingdom purchase properties using one of two primary mortgage types: Interest only mortgages Repayment mortgages Both options have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, but which of the two is more suitable for your preferences and your financial situation? Repayment Mortgages: An […]

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