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Repayment or Interest-Only Buy-to-Let Mortgage?

As a buy-to-let landlord, you find yourself facing difficult decisions on a regular basis. Whether considering your first buy-to-let investment or managing an extensive portfolio of properties, turning habitable homes into a profit-making business is not easy. Along with selecting suitable properties in the first place, it is also important […]

Getting a Mortgage on Maternity Leave

Maternity leave can be a challenging time in life, during which expectant mothers face a variety of unique and ongoing challenges. It can also be a time during which it is more difficult than normal to successfully qualify for credit. When approaching maternity leave, it is common to experience the […]

Can I Get a Mortgage if I Just Started a New Job?

At UK Property Finance, we are often approached by clients concerned their new employment status could harm their eligibility for a mortgage. This concerns clients in a variety of situations: Applying for a mortgage after switching to a different company Mortgage applications when changing roles or departments Eligibility for a […]

How Many Mortgages Can I Have at the Same Time?

Successfully applying for even a single mortgage can be a challenge, but exactly how many mortgages can you take out at the same time? Assuming you have a good reason for purchasing more than one property, how many mortgages can you realistically expect to be offered? The short answer – […]

Mortgage Prisoners Trapped in High Interest Contracts Fight Back

Thousands of UK borrowers ‘imprisoned’ in high-interest mortgages due to the nationalisation of their lenders are mounting a fight back against those responsible. As many as 150,000 homeowners have found themselves locked into high-interest loans, with no option of switching to a cheaper deal. A group lawsuit is now being […]

Secured 2nd Charge Mortgage Loan Assists Self-Employed Client’s Purchase of First Buy to Let Property Investment

The UK’s Buy to Let market continues to prove a goldmine for those making the right moves at the right time. UK Property Finance recently helped a client from London collect the keys to his first Buy to Let investment property purchase. The client had significant equity tied up in […]

How Does Right to Buy Affect Mortgage Eligibility?

The government’s Right to Buy scheme provides qualified council property tenants the opportunity to purchase their homes at a discounted price. Depending on the property type, location and period of residency, discounts as high as £82,800 (increasing to £110,500) are available. In order to qualify under the Right to Buy scheme […]

Right to Buy: Four Misconceptions Clarified

Buying a home in the United Kingdom has never been more expensive.  Affordable finance options are readily available but the average UK property price has skyrocketed over the past 20 years. Thousands of council tenants across England however are finding themselves able to potentially capitalize on a highly profitable opportunity. […]

Help To Buy vs Right To Buy

Through experience, we’ve found that a lot of would-be homeowners in the UK confuse the government’s Right to Buy scheme with severable separate affordable home ownership programs. ‘Help to Buy’ in particular is often mistaken as the same basic scheme as ‘Right to Buy’, though there are significant differences between […]

Remortgaging Simplified

UK property finance have built a reputation as a specialist broker, providing finance options for the more niche and complicated cases. Over the years UKPF has helped a park home site next to a nuclear power station, sourced funding to an old BT exchange station and even helped and on […]


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