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Reports of Scams Rise as Stamp Duty Holiday Deadline Looms

A leading independent financial advice watchdog in the United Kingdom has issued a warning to prospective home buyers, regarding widespread reports of scams in the run-up to the conclusion of the temporary stamp duty holiday. Motivated by significant potential savings and driven by what is becoming a race against time, […]

Predictions Point to a Prosperous Year Ahead for BTL Landlords

COVID-19 and the first national lockdown plunged the entire UK property market into a state of unprecedented chaos. For the most part, the sector was shut down in its entirety, rendering it impossible for most property sales and purchase transactions to go ahead. Buy-to-let landlords were also hit hard, who […]

Furloughed Workers Increasingly Seeking Broker Support for Mortgage Applications

New research suggests that residential mortgage brokers are conducting more searches on behalf of furloughed workers than at any time since the height of the initial UK lockdown. According to a report published this week by Knowledge Bank, the term ‘furloughed workers’ is once again within the top five searches […]

Equity Release Market Tipped for Major Growth in 2021

Independent brokers and financial advisers across the country are projecting a successful year ahead for the equity release market. With interest among customers having remained surprisingly high throughout 2020, even in the face of major economic uncertainty, three quarters of experts anticipate significant market growth over the next 12 months. […]

Bankruptcy Mortgages Explained

Contrary to popular belief, bankruptcy will not necessarily count you out of the running for a mortgage. A history of bankruptcy on your file can create additional challenges, but does not make qualifying for a mortgage impossible. It is simply a case of carefully considering the options, in order to […]

Let-to-Buy: How to Assess Affordability

Let-to-buy can be a fantastic option where selling your home the conventional way is impossible or not preferable. For an overview of borrowing costs and typical let-to-buy rates, use our helpful let-to-buy calculator. How Does Let-to-Buy Work? Let-to-buy bears many similarities to a classic buy-to-let investment opportunity. Though with let-to-buy, […]

Equity Release – The Perfect Product for ‘Rightsizing’ Your Home?

For some, skyrocketing property prices are making it borderline impossible to relocate. For others, it is more a case of not wanting to abandon everything they have worked hard to make their own over the years. Motivations and justifications vary, but the popularity of ‘rightsizing’ is at an all-time high […]

Five Longstanding Myths about Equity Release

Equity release has been growing in popularity across the United Kingdom for many years, however, the market remains subject of skepticism and scrutiny. Assumptions and untruths about equity release can be harmful, steering potential candidates in entirely the wrong direction. Sourced from a main equity release provider, each of the […]

Two-Year Remortgage Deals Back at Halifax, Rates Overhauled

The Halifax has confirmed the re-introduction of its popular two-year remortgage product, while at the same time outlining a series of overhauls to several major remortgage deals. Customers remortgaging with Halifax now have a total of three fee options to choose from at four LTV (loan to value) levels, with […]

Manchester is the UK’s New Buy to Let Hotspot

Manchester has risen through the ranks to become the UK’s most appealing and profitable prospect for Buy to Let investments. That’s according to the latest figures from Aldermore’s Buy to Let City Tracker, which positions the city of Manchester above all other UK regions as the country’s new hotspot. The […]

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