Meet The Management Team

Gary (Managing Director)

Staff Member ProfileGary has owned and run financial services businesses for over 15 years and has expert knowledge in all types of current niche property related finance including bridging, development, commercial, second charge secured loans and equity release mortgages (for the over 55’s). Gary is CeMap qualified which enables him to personally transact regulated finance especially standard residential mortgages. Gary is also CeRER qualified which allows the company to advise on equity release finance. Gary is totally focussed on customer service and often personally contacts clients to obtain views of how well their case was processed by UKPF.
Did you know? Whilst working in export sales, I either lived or sold equipment into every continent in the world.
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Wendy (Director)

Staff Member ProfileWendy has been in the financial services industry for 12 years and has a wealth of experience in the training and development of staff. Wendy oversees the compliance training and development of all the staff. The customers experience coupled with the right advice is centric to the training, Wendy provides. Wendy is encouraged by the excellent 5-star trust pilot rating the team has achieved and is looking to build the business on this basis.
Did you know? I am learning Portuguese and I have taught French in Montreal.
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Jade (Executive PA/Office Manager)

Staff Member ProfileJade is responsible for the smooth running of UK Property Finance. She manages all the internal processes and human resources. She takes the lead in ensuring our company fully complies with our FCA regulations and manages our larger customer accounts and partner relations.
Did you know? I once had trials for Leicester ladies and if I had a superpower it would also be time travel.
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Luke (Sales Manager)

Staff Member ProfileLuke joined the firm after working in a variety of other finance positions within a major high street bank and the Financial Services industries. He has a strong background in the finance market having worked in the Business to Business finance sector for numerous years. Working closely with potential customers to identify individual needs Luke has been with UK Property Finance for the past three years becoming an established part of the team.
Did you know? My claim to fame was meeting the chuckle brothers aged 7, at which point I knew my life had peaked. My superpower would be teleportation, I would travel the world for free and without the long-haul flights.

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David (Internal Compliance Manager)

Staff Member ProfileDavid has worked in financial services for 27 years. He joined the company in 2018 and is responsible for managing the clients’ applications through to completion following their initial applications and dealings with our in-house brokers. David’s background is in fund accounting, but he has also worked in private client investment management and investment trust administration.
Did you know? My claim to fame would be being picked up by an Australian International cricketer and carried over the boundary when I ran onto the pitch to get my ball while they were practicing. I was 7 at the time! My Superpower would be flying!

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Lesley (Property and Loan Manager)

Staff Member ProfileLesley has a wealth of administration and customer support experience in the materials handling industry, she is enthusiastic about learning all aspects of UK Property Finance’s activities and hopes to become an asset to the team.
Did you know? In my spare time I crochet octopuses which are sent to local hospitals – the babies hold the tentacles and it stops them pulling out their feeding/medicine tubes and helps to settle them.

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Faye (Sales Advisor)

Staff Member ProfileFaye is a sales advisor that has over 10 years of customer service experience. Faye will discuss the customers’ needs and send them a full quotation. Faye has a lot of experience in the running of UKPF as she also experienced the processing side, speaking with client, lenders and solicitors to obtain the client the best result in the quickest time, before making her move into the sales team to grow further in her career.
Did you know? My claim to fame is that I have had a letter from Alan Titchmarsh and if I could have any superpower, it would be that I can have every superpower imaginable.
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Tim (Sales Advisor)

Staff Member ProfileTim spent over 13 years in the Armed Forces dealing with all aspects of HR and Finance. Upon leaving he spent several years in the customer service industry, turning around failing stores for a world wide coffee brand. Tim will discuss the customers’ needs and send them a full quote outlining the costs involved, then obtaining a Decision in Principle from the lender by liaising between both the client and the lender, in order to obtain the best arrangement.
Did you know? I can add hot sauce to any food and eat it. My superpower would be to read minds, so I could visit Las Vegas and make millions
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Shiwani (CeMap – Sales Advisor)

Staff Member ProfileShiwani is a Senior Advisor working through several leads from potential customers, mostly looking for short term property finance. Shiwani will discuss the customers’ needs and send them a full quote outlining the costs involved. Shiwani will obtain a Decision in Principle from the lender by liaising between both the client and the lender, in order to obtain the best arrangement possible. Shiwani has over 16 years of finance experience, also specialising in underwriting and lending operation.
Did you know? My claim to fame is climbing to the peak of Mount Kenya for charity. My superpower would be to be able to ‘transport’ myself to wherever I wished instantly.

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Maria (CeMap – Sales Advisor)

Staff Member ProfileMaria has many years In the financial services industry and is CeMap qualified as well as holding a Financial Planning diploma. Maria will discuss the customers’ needs and send them a full quote outlining the costs involved, then obtaining a Decision in Principle from the lender by liaising between both the client and the lender, in order to obtain the best arrangement.
Did you know? I shared a table in a pub with Steve Davis (snooker player.) My superpower is that I can put together an Ikea flat pack quicker than any man!
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Olivia (Business Development Manager)

Staff Member ProfileOlivia completed her business administration Level 3 qualification whilst working with us. Olivia visited different businesses before deciding her career path with UK Property Finance and adds to the excellent customer satisfaction, warmth and friendliness of the current workforce. Olivia is our Business Development Manager and our customer contact executive.
Did you know? My claim to fame is meeting Bradley Simpson, his mum and the Queen.
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Taylor (Processing Executive)

Staff Member ProfileTaylor is a young and ambitious member of the team. Having recently joined UKPF she is already well liked by her colleagues. Taylor is passionate about delivering excellent customer service and has over seen many cases already. Taylor likes being able to see her clients complete the finance on their project.
Did you know? I have met Tom Zanetti (DJ) on holiday and my superpower would be telekinesis.
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Ryan (Processing Executive)

Staff Member ProfileRyan is an aspiring member of the team. Having recently joined UKPF he is already getting on well with his colleagues. Ryan likes to deliver an excellent service and is very hard-working.
Did you know? I once tripped Jack Whitehall over outside Stamford Bridge & my superpower would be teleportation.
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Ellie Hubbard – (Customer Contact Executive)

Staff Member ProfileEllie has been working in administration since she was 15 whilst completing her education. At UK Property Finance Ellie will be our customer contact executive and adds to our positive atmosphere and great energy in the office!
Did you know? My claim to fame is that I saw Easy Life in a shoe shop as a free social gig and if I could have any superpower it would be time travelling.

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