Bridging Finance to Purchase Overseas Properties

Bridging Finance to Purchase Overseas Properties

Bridging finance secured on property or land assets in the UK can be used to quickly purchase property abroad. Emerging markets outside the UK can be the ideal location to purchase property. Bridging loans can be used for the deposit, balance or the full purchase price. Bridging finance can be repaid using traditional forms of finance or sale.


You paid a large deposit for a property abroad and are in danger of losing the deposit due to difficulties raising the balance needed to complete the purchase using finance from the country you are purchasing in. There is no time to arrange local finance for the purchase property and you do not wish to be tied into a new mortgage on your UK. We could arrange a bridging loan secured on your UK property for a few months covering the time between the purchase date and maturity date of the endowment.

Last Updated: Nov 6, 2018 @ 3:48 pm

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