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Bridge Club

Don’t want to introduce business?  Well why not take advantage of the UK’s specialist bridging loan club?

  Bridging Club Agreement form.

Due to our volumes, we have negotiated commission of up to 3% from the main bridging lenders in the UK & we have numerous special schemes that are not available to other brokers. 

To access the best interest rates for your clients & the best commission for YOU, please complete and submit the short enquiry form on the right.

You can also contact our help desk on 0333 322 55 44 should you be having difficulty in placing a case. 

You then deal directly with the lender & client yourself.

A summary of why you would use the UK Property Finance bridging club:

  • You receive¬†the¬†bulk of the commission.
  • You receive¬†100% of any¬†broker fee charged, paid directly.
  • You deal directly with the lender, UKPF have no involvement.
  • You deal directly with the client, UKPF have no involvement.
  • Your commission¬†is¬†paid on the day of completion, not when the lender¬†pays.
  • You have access to¬†the best¬†rates¬†in the market¬†& numerous special products.
  • You have access to¬†the¬†best commission rates in the market.
  • You have access to¬†a¬†help desk¬†for those difficult to place cases.

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